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Booking a reading    *Booked until Oct 6th (updated Sept 30th)

I have to state legally that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. and no major life decisions should be made on the outcome of a reading.  All readings are pre-paid in advance via PayPal. 


I do not accept bookings for those seeking guidance on Legal or Medical outcomes or issues concerning any form of abuse.  Those areas should be dealt with by the Legal Profession or by certified Counsellors. 

Readings are sent out via private pre-recorded video sent  to your email address.   Readings will be available for you to view as many times as you wish, over the course of 12 months, after that time, readings are deleted.


I tend to get booked up so please email me for the current 'wait' time before booking to prevent disappointment!

If you live overseas please ensure you pay in British Pounds rather than Euros or American Dollars.

NB: Due to high PayPal fees and a complex booking schedule, kindly note that I cannot offer refunds once a reading has been booked and paid for.

Reading options 

Love  Reading: (25mins)

 £95 ($107)

Ext. Love Reading: (40mins)

£130 ($152) 

Twin Flame Reading: (25mins)

£95 ($107)  For those on the Journey.

Ext. Twin Flame Reading: (40mins)

 £130 ($152)  Deep clarification on your Twin.

2021 Overview Reading: (35mins)

 £150 ($189)  General overview covering Love, Home & Family, Finance & Career.


(Ext. Love)

(Twin Flame)

(Ext. Twin Flame)

(2021 Overview)

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