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My Spiritual Journey...

I discovered my connection to the divine realm by accident - I'd  always felt a connection to another dimension but this didn't become 'real ' to me until one very ordinary day when I had picked up a friends book to read one evening out of pure curiosity - it related to the realm of Angels.   I casually flicked through and started to read one particular page stating that every human soul was protected by a Guardian Angel.  You could ask who your protecting Archangel was, and also the age that you would  'leave your human body'...  So feeling curious I silently asked these questions and settled for a good night sleep.

 I woke at around 3am feeling very cold (strange as it was the height of Summer) and as my eyes grew accustomed to the dark and I gazed up I made out movement and realised that the ceiling of the room had been replaced by an open sky filled with magnificent gently undulating wings of Angels illuminated by the moonlight coming through my window! It was incredibly beautiful, I had never seen anything like it before but I felt a deep sense of fear trying to comprehend what was happening. 

Archangel Michael

Not believing what I was seeing I opened my eyes wide, I was fully awake, but the wings kept moving, it seemed like hundreds of them and the ceiling had just disappeared.  It was too much to comprehend - I closed my eyes just willing myself to go back to sleep - I just couldn't deal with what I was seeing...

When I woke next day I lay quietly just taking in what had happened, and in my head I heard a clear deep male voice saying... 'Michael.... 84'.   I thought it was odd as I didn't know anyone called Michael and had no idea why it was twinned with the '84'. I was puzzled and contemplative, but got on with my day.  It wasn't until  later in the afternoon that I found the book I had started to read, partially hidden under the bed still open on the page I had read the night before... and then it all made sense, I knew that my protecting Angel was Archangel Michael and I would be 84 when I would leave my human body.

From then on I experienced  a 'dialogue' with Archangel Michael asking for his advice and guidance at various times of indecision or confusion, and through that my interest developed to Tarot and I began to be able to channel his messages through the Tarot and Oracle cards.


Since that time, over 10 years ago, I  have been reading for myself and friends but now feel I need to help others going through times of transition:  heartache and anxiety in relationships including twin flame separation (see 'Inspirational websites'), life path decisions, stress, fear... all of which can be alleviated by understanding through the cards the reasons why some situations occur and giving advice as to how to move forward positively, having learned life's lessons...

Through the channeled readings you will feel a greater sense of inner peace and insight to bring healing, happiness and progress onwards!

Deborah Clare - My Spiritual Journey

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