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My Story as a Medium...


I can't remember exactly when I began to feel I was moving into Mediumship, but it must've been a couple of years ago.  I remember sitting very quietly one afternoon and feeling the presence of a small boy standing beside me.  He looked about 8yrs old, he was wearing a tweed cap, had scruffy pale brown hair, a grubby face, no shoes, dirty feet, with tatty trousers and an ill-fitting jacket covered in dust.  I surprised myself by saying out loud to him 'Who are you...?' He said 'I'm Cedric and I want to find my mam...'  It was as clear as day and his accent sounded Irish...


I closed my eyes and envisaged a very bright light, a light I imagine surrounding me during meditation, and when I am asking for psychic protection from Archangel Michael before undertaking readings.  I sent up a silent prayer and asked for guidance to help this lost soul. Gradually a forest appeared all around me and in front of me was a church with huge wooden carved doors rounded at the top.  The doors gently swung open and the light grew brighter.  A priest appeared and he opened his arms in front of me as if he was greeting me.

After a moment or so, from one side of the forest stepped a young dark haired woman.  She was inconsolably upset, and kept saying' I can't find him! I can't find him!'  I turned to the boy still silently standing by my side and said...'If you look to the left, your mam is there, waiting for you.'  He turned, following my gaze and broke into a big smile and ran to the woman, who gathered him up, smothered him with kisses, saying 'I found you!'  The woman turned to me, thanked me and said 'He has come home to me!'  The little boy, hand in hand with his mother, waved goodbye to me, still with the small toy rabbit in one hand, and they both turned to walk up the stone steps towards the bright light and the Priest, still stood with open arms at the entrance of the church.

As they walked up the steps the Priest raised one hand to me and I heard 'Thank you Deborah... he is now with The Divine'.  The huge church doors closed, the bright light gradually faded and I found myself sitting feeling very emotional, thinking about all that had happened.

After that time, there were other lost souls who found their way to me.  I don't quite know why, but I did understand that I was some kind of spiritual 'Portal' - a link between this world and the next - to help lost souls who were in-between worlds, be guided into the light.


Over the past two years I've realised that the majority of these lost souls who had found their way to me, had all been through significant trauma in their passing.  I have accepted that this ability has been given to me to help guide souls to Heaven to finally find peace. For those that are interested, below you will find a record of those souls who gave me their names...

A couple of years ago, I looked up 'children who worked in the coal mines' as I was convinced Cedric was a child who had passed in traumatic circumstances in the mines.  The first image that came up was shockingly the exact replica of the boy that I had helped through into the light that day. Was it Divine Intervention that led me to find that picture? Was it just coincidence? I may never know...

This is a record of those who have now passed on into the light...may they finally rest in peace...


Cedric - Irish descent. Passed, working in the coal mines. He is with me to this day, by my side during some readings, with his toy rabbit 'Edward' in hand!

Evelyn Wade & her unborn daughter - American woman who was pushed down a flight of stairs by the father of her child, whilst she was pregnant.

Anna Lee Martin - Passed in a boating accident in the Cote D'Azur.

Adam Vreeland - A young boy, perhaps 10yrs who worked in the mines.

Louise & Thomas McAyde - Brother & sister, who passed in a forest fire.

Abby & Carole Clancy - Mother & daughter who drowned in a river.

Emma Sandalford - Died during childbirth.

Elliott Edward Crichton - 7yrs old, he died in a forest animal trap.

Annabel - Suffered abuse, fell pregnant and committed suicide.

Beverly Appleton - Run over by a tram in the 1920's outside a Florist.

Lucy Smythe - Drowned in a storm on a fishing trip.

Cythia (Cindy) Rowley - Committed suicide after finding herself pregnant.

Cydric McIver - Died during a high-wire Circus performance.

Amanda Tiffling - Suicide, hanged herself after abuse from her Lover.

Naomi Schiller - Died from a head injury after a riding accident in Oklahoma.

Sam Bertrant - Passed during a Deer hunt in the Outer Hebrides, age 11yrs.

Arabella - Died from a heart attack in Finchley Park, London, age 39yrs.

Albert - Passed away from Cholera, 54yrs.

Andrea Maynard - A bystander who was shot by the IRA in 1937 .

Orlana Metz - Victim of Auschwitz in 1941.

Cassie & Ben Miller - Siblings from Louisiana, who passed from Polio in 1894.

Marjorie & Constance Blakemore - Sisters, Constance was run down by a horse & cart in 1934.

Joseph George Moreaux - Died from a stroke in 1937.

Jasper Tesler - Husband of Marianne who passed from an Asthma attack at 39yrs old in 1942.

My treasured Guides...

Angela - Possibly in her 30's, gentle and calm - with me occasionally.

Rose - Perhaps in her 80's, with a warm face, round glasses and a grey bun. She comes and goes when she feels like it!

Reverend Nicolas David Stacey - Rev. Stacey (born 27 November 1927) was a priest of the Church of England and a social activist, based in Cornwall, England. A cherished Guide possibly sent to me by my grandparents who were based in Devon & Cornwall. He is with me intermittently to settle my energies when I need more support.

Reverend Thomas J Carey - Rev. Carey (born 1910 - 1945) was known as the 'Spiritual Father' due to his missionary work in Niken, Japan and Peru where he opened a Mission for the poor and a children's school. He returned to the USA in 1942 to continue his work. He is with me regularly during readings, always coming through saying 'Peace be with you, Deborah', accompanied by an intense aroma of incense and sometimes carrying a large cross in front of him.

White Owl '- a Native American Medicine Man who appears with a magnificent feather headdress, soft suede beaded clothing, always seen with a white owl on his shoulder. Intelligent, silent, a powerful presence.

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