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Client Testimonials!...

Over the course of the past few years, I've been honoured to connect with wonderful clients from all over the world, including some Celebrities, who contact me occasionally for confidential advice through the Tarot.

Below you will find a few Testimonials from those I have got to know over time since I started my business, individuals whom now, are more like friends, and whom I dearly cherish... thank you all for supporting me on my Lightworker journey, sending love and light to you!...

I have been receiving readings from Deborah for a couple of years now and I adore her!! She is without a single doubt incredibly gifted! Deborah's readings are so full of amazing energy, connecting to the Archangels. She was able to connect with my son (who passed not long ago) and only I knew the detail about his little red car I put in his hand in the coffin with him. Deborah, through Archangel Michael, mentioned that in detail in the reading... I was shocked!  She's the best, I highly recommended her and I will keep using her for my lifetime! 

Veronika, Texas, USA

I received an in depth personal reading from Deborah regarding my career and relationship. Her connection to Archangel Michael is unsurpassed, and messages from the Divine flow through her so clearly it’s incredible! Deborah channels with clarity and compassion. I value her integrity, and she has risen to the top as my go to reader. ️

Barbara, Texas, USA

I was drawn to Deborah’s beautiful light in a time of darkness in my life. I have been following her for almost 2 years on YouTube, and because of her authenticity, opted to try a personal love reading. Wow!! Blown away, would be an understatement! Her accuracy, channeling through Archangel Michael, and her honesty, really made for a beautiful, accurate reading. As different life situations would arise, I would invest in a reading, all accurate, all happening! Deborah is the only reader that I trust, and I highly recommend her! Thank you Deborah!
Melanie, Hockessin Delaware, USA

I have had a number of readings from Deborah over the past few years and it is incredible on how accurate she is. Deborah receives channeled messages from Archangel Michael and the Divine. Deborah combines her talents as a clairvoyant, clairaudient and medium to provide an excellent and comprehensive consultation. Deborah Clare is a beautiful soul. I will continue to contact Deborah and highly recommend those of you who are in need of guidance or help in receiving an accurate, detail packed reading. 

Raylee, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Deborah has been my go-to reader for years now. Simply because her channelling is superb. She brings out such personal details in my readings that I have only ever revealed to God/Universe/Angels in my prayers. To me it is their way of validating her readings and the beautiful psychic gifts they have bestowed upon her. Always blessed to have Deborah and her readings in my life.

Dee, London, UK

I have had readings with Deborah and the readings are very accurate, but more importantly they are also challenging, in a good way.  I feel blessed for the connection with the angels through Deborah. They give me guidance and I have learned to listen to my intuition more.  Her readings are worth every penny, and she is a beautiful soul!

Venka, Sem, Norway

After my first reading with Deborah Clare Channeled Guidance, I was prepared for what happened next. All you need to do is listen while the personal touch which includes kindness, concern and gentle humour puts you at ease. I highly recommend booking a private reading. 

Alia, Barcelona, Spain

On my journey to finding true love, I have sought quite a few love readings from Deborah, they are always extremely resonant and helpful.  Archangel Michael's timing is always serendipitously correct and revisiting my readings is always a delight! Deborah's readings are more than just divine guidance, they are potential instruments of change in life when taken on board.

Erica, Sydney, Australia 

I have been Deborah's regular client for a few years now and her readings have been simply amazing - she's always right on point and I am grateful for the guidance and clarity I get from all her readings  She has not only been a reader and guide for me but also a very good friend as well. And I am so thankful for that.  Keep up the good work Deborah... you are such a blessing to me and to all the people around you! I love you!

Chiqui, Davao, Philippines

I have been receiving readings from Deborah for a few years, and adore her!! She is, without a doubt, the best kept secret around the globe - although the secret must be out because she gets booked so fast nowadays! Deborah’s readings are beautifully spiritual. You can feel the Archangels’ energy through her voice. I'm very sensitive to energy, and can feel the beautiful high vibration through her recordings. I have come to trust her and her readings because I am witness to the strong connection she has with the spirit realm. Her readings are also absolutely on target and extremely accurate. This is one of the reasons I keep coming back. During readings, she has even mentioned situations I haven’t asked about because I have wanted to be done with them. But obviously, Archangel Michael has felt differently!  I highly, highly, recommend her.  She is my favorite reader. 

Yamile, USA

Deborah is indeed very gifted, the reading was amazing and very spot on , I was surprised how it resonated so accurately, While I was going through a difficult phase in my life she provided me insight and guidance, cant wait for my next reading with her! Sending love to you!

Saba, Toronto, Canada

I have had a couple of readings from Deborah over the past year and I can honestly say she has been spot on. She has always been able to help me understand and give me guidance when I needed clarity. In my last reading, she made me laugh because she was really feeling my frustration and expressed exactly how I was feeling. It felt as if she was sitting across from me having a chat, yet she was miles away reading my energy. She is that accurate. One of my favorite things is the timeline Archangel Michael gives her and that she reads for twelve months into the future. I don’t know anyone else who does that. I trust Deborah and I would not hesitate to recommend her! 

Diana, Oregon, USA

I have asked Deborah for guidance a couple of times already, because I always had the feeling that her connection, her spirituality and her intentions towards those that seek her advice are very genuine. I think that we all need a bit of help sometimes, and even if one should trust their heart, their intuition and their inner values, in moments of doubt guidance from outside and 'above' brings in real support.

Cristina, Brussels

Deborah you are amazing! Your personal readings have really guided me in the right direction. I love your channel I love the way you read tarot messages with Archangel Michael. It just blows my mind every time I get a reading from you. Thank you love for your help with my love life - Peace and blessings!

Alicia, Metairie, USA

After watching a number of Deborah's readings, there seemed to be a strong resonance with my situation. I chose the Extended Love reading and wow, I was not disappointed! Deborah gave amazing insights as to what was going on in my life and the options I needed to think about. An amazing reading, I feel a lot more at peace and would not hesitate to book another reading when needed. 10 out of 10!

Kevin, Southampton, UK

Deborah is nothing short of amazing! I’ve had a few readings so far. To my dismay, all my past readings have panned out and with the predicted chronology. To the T. Not all has been only what I wanted to hear and some even sounded downright impossible at the time, but boy did she nail it! Including the long-haul covid coop-up. She gives it just as it is - very true and very honest. Still, each reading is delivered with so much healing energy, heartfelt compassion, and positive empowerment. Thank you so much, Deborah! And thank you, Archangel Michael!

Joy, Virginia, USA

Deborah, a while ago you did an amazing reading for me around my husband and my two children. Everything you channeled not only happened, but happened in the exact way it was predicted and told by the Angels. You are quite amazing Deborah, and I thank you for preparing me for what was to come back then.

Jodi, USA

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