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The Twin Flame Connection...

There tends to be a lot of confusion about what a “twin flame” relationship really is. Unlike “soul mates,” which are our perfect matches (or our spiritual family) twin flames are our perfect mirrors. Relationships with twin flames tend to be on-again-off-again, intensely passionate, and sometimes intensely painful. Twin flames help us awaken like nobody else, and they ultimately serve to show us who we really are. Here, a few of the main signs that you’ve run into one:

1. You are intensely drawn to them. Without any real cause or reason, you feel as though you’ve known this person before, even if you have only just met.

2. They have opened you up to a completely new way of thinking. With them, you exchange ideas, beliefs, religion, and so on.  You’ve “awakened” because of their love.

3. They come in and out of your life. You’re together, and then you’re not, and then you are again. Despite the fact that you love each other more than anything, one of you (the “runner”) seems to not be able to handle it, and dissolve the relationship. It’s almost as though your connection is too intense for you to be consistently together.

4. They feel like home. Upon meeting them, you immediately sense that you’ve known this person before. Your connection is too intense for you to have just been strangers – there is a deep feeling of familiarity.

5. You are the epitome of yin and yang. They seem just like your other half, the parts of you that were missing all along. (What you’ve yet to realise is that they are the parts of you you’ve yet to know.)

6. Looking back, you see that the period of time right after you’re with them is always defined by change. They bring about a lot of intense transformation in your life, sometimes painfully so.

7. You will find yourself becoming almost irrationally emotional when you’re with them. (These are the feelings and energies that have been in suppression, which they are there in part to help you recognise and heal.)

8. Your bond is instantaneous, and your relationship moves very quickly. Right off the bat, you “click” as though you’ve known one another forever. This only grows over time, and the more you get to know about them, the more absolutely in love you are.

9. Though you experience incredible passion for this person, there is an equal amount of worry and uncertainty. You may find yourself questioning a lot, asking yourself whether or not this is really love, or really what you want for your life.

10. It seems like you have this profound connection that must be destined, but you come into one another’s life at the wrong time, or something else stands in the way of you being together. This is not a product of ill fate, rather, it is a sign that you’re not meant to be together in the way you think you should. (The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.)

11. You are more than just lovers. You are one another’s teachers, best friends, therapists, and so on. You have such a deep and layered connection that you do a lot more for one another than just be romantic.

12. It seems like you’re always pulled back to them in one way or another.

13. Your relationship can be tumultuous at times. This is because your twin flame serves to show you everything that needs to be healed within you. This is not to be confused with “love” being painful. Love is not painful. Everything that stands in the way can be, though.

14. One of you is more “spiritual” than the other. One is more soulful, the other more practical. You teach one another the virtues of how you think and behave – that is part of your purpose.

15. You feel very attuned to them, almost telepathically. You can feel what they’re feeling, or know what they’re thinking. It’s as though you are one.

16. When you look into their eyes, you feel like you see family, or your own child. This is your soul recognising someone it’s known before, or someone it’s very close to.

17. For as different as you are, you have many fundamental things in common. Maybe you were born on their favourite brother’s birthday, or you met on a very significant weekend. Maybe you both went to the same type of elementary and high school, or you had the same college major. One or two of these things could just be coincidence, but with a twin flame, you’ll probably have many overlapping similarities.

18. They show you what you most desire as well as what you most fear. Their purpose is not (and has never been) to make you feel “settled” or comfortable, but to help introduce you to yourself. 

The 11:11 Synchronicity & The Twin Flame Union...

The number 11 is a spiritual number that has powerful numerical significance. The number 11, and the double and triple 11's are especially important and tend to show up in unusual and unexpected ways around the time of a twinflame connection.

The 11:11 often manifests around the time when a meaningful soul connection is taking place, and also whenever a life changing event is about to occur.

Around the time of a twinflame connection, synchronicities will begin to occur more frequently, indicating the importance of the union. The number 11 is often considered to be the twinflame number, and the 11:11 has a special meaning in the twin soul connection.

The 11:11 synchronicity will start to 'pop up' in unexpected places when one is soon about to meet their twinflame, or soon after meeting them. It will also show up from time to time throughout a twinflame relationship, usually during important transitional points in the union, or whenever powerful energetic shifts have occurred for one or both twins.

The 11:11 is sometimes a 'wake up' call for twinflames. It can become a trigger for each soul helping them to awaken them spiritually in preparation of the re-union.

The 11:11 represents many things in a twinflame connection. The number 1 itself represents the 'oneness', or unity. The two 11's coming together can represent the merging of the two twin souls coming together in union.

The double 11's also symbolise the concept of polarity which is a powerful dynamic in a twin soul connection. The feminine and masculine energies are present in each twin soul regardless of their physical gender.

11:11 also symbolised balance, another important theme and lesson for twinflames. The double 11's side by side can represent the mirroring that takes place in a twinflame union. Because twinflames are connected on soul level, they often reflect and project the light and the dark that exists within the other. The purpose of this is so the twin souls will learn to balance the energies within themselves, as well as heal any issues they might have in order to co-create harmony with one another.

Like all soulmate connections, the twinflame is a powerful catalyst for soul growth and personal transformation. With twinflames, this soul growth and inner transformation is taking place in a very powerful way.

Any energetic imbalances between the twin souls can result in much pain or chaos. Unlike a soulmate connection, energies within a twinflame union become amplified (or doubled!). Unconditional love is the key to creating harmony in the twinflame union.

The 11:11 symbol reminds the twinflames that this is a powerful spiritual union. Twin souls will often come together with a similar purpose or to prepare for their individual missions on the planet. These numbers remind the twins to pay attention to the spiritual guidance they are receiving at the time.

The 11:11 can also symbolise the bridge or gateway between the two worlds, the physical plane and the spiritual plane. When twinflames come together in their hearts, a portal or opening is created that will allow them to communicate with each other and with the higher planes more easily.

The double 11's also represent the conscious and unconscious mind. In a twin flame union, anything that is unconscious is brought to the surface to be made aware of and healed.

In a twinflame connection, the 11's will manifest frequently during times of accelerated soul growth, or whenever a doorway of opportunity for healing is taking place or about to occur.

It is especially important during these times in a twin flame connection to be as honest and true to one's self and twin, as well as work on self healing, self acceptance and self love, since what effects one twin can effect the other, even at a distance.

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